Correct audio but wrong video clips in drum rack

Hi, I’ve been finding this aspect of Ebosuite quite buggy for some time. Basically when I’m using several esamplers in a drum rack, with each triggering different regions of the same video clip occasionally the video regions stop matching up with the audio clips. As a result different esamplers seem to be triggering exactly the same section of video even though they are still triggering different sections of the associated audio. Any ideas why this keeps happening. I can sometimes solve it be reloading the entire Ableton project or other times I have to “load complete file” (when only a region of the video is loaded) or even redrag the original video clip in to the esamplers to overwrite the clip that is there. Any ideas why this might be happening and how to solve it?


This is not a known issue for us in the current version. What version of EboSuite and Live are you using? and if it is not the latest EboSuite (1.51) can you try if updating helps?


I’m using the latest version of Ebosuite and Ableton Live 10.1. This is something that I’ve had issues with since I started using Ebosuite about a year ago. Sometimes when I reopen a project the video has become mixed up in this way. The one thing I seem to have identified as a possible cause is that it seems to often happen if I copy and paste an esampler that already contains a video file, or a drum rack containing several esamplers loaded with video. If I create an entirely new instance of an esampler and then load the video file it seems to generally be ok.

Should it be possible to copy and paste and esampler that is loaded with video without problems? I often want to do this when I’m triggering the same video on different midi notes but from different start points with the esamplers loaded in a drum rack.

Thanks for the extra info. Sorry to hear that you have this issue already for so long.

It should indeed be possible to copy/paste eSamplers and full drumracks. We do that here in our studio all the time without issues. I wonder what makes your situation different… hmm…

I noticed one thing, but I don’t know if it is relevant: when I change something to the eSampler that affects the parameter number, order or range then Ableton can become confused and some weird things can happen recalling settings. This is ‘fixed’ by replacing the eSamplers added to the project while using an older version by ‘fresh’ eSamplers and recreating your settings. Could this be relevant in your case?

There is something else that strikes me in your description: is it always the same video and the same position that is displayed? Could it be that 2 notes trigger at the same time? (in that case it can be undetermined which one you actually see and the behaviour can change after save/reload).
Could there be something special about this particular videofile?

Lastly (for now): can you see if there is anything suspicious printed in the Max for Live window? (right click on m4l device and select ‘Open Max Window’).

I think this problem happens more often when I use “load region” to shorten the video files loaded in the esampler. For example I had various samplers playing different sections of the same video clip and in each one I had loaded a new shorter region. In this case the audio was playing correctly but all the video clips were playing from the same start point. It seems like possibly an issue of Ableton or Ebosuite being confused about referencing the correct files or sections of files?

When you mention changing parameters in the esampler and Ableton becoming confused, I think this could be a factor. Do you mean I need to load a new esampler, import the video clip again and reset all the parameters from scratch to fix the problem? This is what I’ve been doing generally but it is quite time consuming if there are a lot of video clips.

I don’'t think it’s an issue of two notes playing at once.

I will have a look at the Max For Live window, but for the moment I have fixed the issues by loading new instances of the sampler and reloading the videos and settings so I’ll need to wait till the problem occurs again to check that.


Hi Stuart, We haven’t seen this situation before. Let’s plan a Skype session, so we can walk through your entire set-up. Cheers

If other users are reading this and recognise this situation, please let us know.

Thanks for taking the time to chat today. Will let you know how I get on!

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This happened to me (v1.51) using two tracks with eclips devices on each one of them to trigger videos in session mode (and using the ableton fader to do a “DJ” kind of session). I’ll install the lastest update and play around with the same session to check if it happens again.

Thanks, we are looking forward to the results. The more we learn about the conditions that trigger this issue the better.

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Hi! I did some tests today. My eClips DJ session ( the one I created with v1.51) is broken with this new update or at least the video playback it acting really weird.
I created the same session from scratch with 1.52 and it works like when I made it with 1.51. If I open again the older session with v1.52, the videos work for a few seconds and then the image stops ( black screen) or stays on the last frame (blocked). I am working with mp4’s in this session.

Do you think it could be a backwards compatibility error between some of the devices?

I am using eClips, eCrossfade, eOutput, eSyphon devices in this session. (I am not using eSamplers or eSimplers)

I will do some more tests. Cheers!

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Is it better to reinstall older versions (to do some tests) with the original installers? Or is it better to replace the ebosuite folders?

Could you post the 3 last updates below to allow us to use them and maybe debug some of the problems we might have? Or maybe create a changlog page for that! I tried to download the v1.51 but the link is connected to the v1.52.

Oh! One last question: I have downloaded the Max version 8.0.6. Did you do some tests using it? Should I use the Max Package Shipped with Live 10.1 (Max 8.0.4) instead?

Hi Carlos,
I think the playback issue that you experienced is the result of using h264 in combination with your hardware. Are you still using the 1.3 Ghz m7 Macbook? The optimizations in 1.52 are focussed on Hap, ISF and other codecs apart from h264. The next update will be focussed on optimizing h264 playback as well. H264 performance in 1.52 is more or less the same as in 1.51, but works a bit different internally. Maybe that is noticable on your system. We try to make each update backwards compatible, but because we decided to release this update a bit earlier (without the full h264 optimization) it is not fully backwards compatible. The next update will fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I linked the correct installer files to the Change Log posts, so you can download the older installers (also the manual installation files) here:

EboSuite 1.33
EboSuite 1.4
EboSuite 1.5
EboSuite 1.51
EboSuite 1.52

I didn’t do tests with Max 8.0.6, but for EboSuite it shouldn’t matter if you use Max 8.0.4 or 8.0.6.


Hi Jeroen,
Yes, I am still using my 1.3 Ghz m7 Macbook. That might not help hehe
I’ll wait for the next update but will try to do a clean install of the 1.51 to see if it works better without those playback optimisations on the other codecs.

Thanks for the links!