EboSuite 1.51 (release date 2019-06-07)

This update brings the following new additions :

  • Use EboSuite 1.51 if you use Ableton Live 10.1. This update fixes issues introduced by bugs in Max 8.0.4 that is bundled with Live 10.1.
  • Updated eFX-ISF plug-in. You can now edit ISF shaders within Ableton Live! This makes it very easy to fine-tune your shader or to make alterations to an existing shader to make it fit perfectly in your composition. You can edit shaders in two ways: in the eFX-ISF plug-in itself or in the ISF Editor developed by VIDVOX (the creators of ISF). Your changes will be applied directly. This means that added interface elements (like sliders, buttons, menu’s etc.) will appear in the eFX-ISF plug-in’s interface directly and new functions or altered variables, constants etc. in the code will be used immediately to generate/manipulate the image.
    (see Manual page 35).
  • Add eSimpler support to ePoly and vice versa
  • Fixed bug: the eSyphonIn plug-in had problems recalling settings
  • Fixed bug: Motion in ISF shaders was backwards in EboSuite compared to the ISF website
  • Fixed bug: eFX-ISF plug-in got stuck when the file path of the loaded shader changed

Download the updated installer here.

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here.

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