EboSuite 1.5 (release date 2019-04-08)

This update brings the following new additions :

  • eFX-ISF - load ‘ISF shaders’ in the eFX-ISF plug-in for virtually unlimited creative visual possibilities. There are more than 1500 ISF shaders available at www.interactiveshaderformat.com and new shaders are added regularly. (see Manual page 33).
  • eSimpler - use this plug-in to turn Ableton Live’s Simpler into a video sampler. Just add it in front of a Simpler on a MIDI track and you can play with sound ánd video. (see Manual page 27).
  • Granular playback mode in the eSampler - get creative with video by controlling the playback speed and the ‘grains’ in realtime. (see Manual page 18).
  • fixed bug - the output window ‘always on top’ was not applied after save/reload, eventough this option was selected in the eOutput plug-in
  • window size, CPU, Disk, Memory and Texture memory usage monitoring in the status bar
  • fixed bug - eFX sometimes didn’t show their effect in complex projects
  • fixed bug - wrong loop playback behaviour in the eSampler
  • fixed bug - eSyphonIn didn’t always recall previously linked Syphon server
  • Vertical wipe shader added to eFeedback
  • fixed bug - eComper didn’t receive all data
  • … many more improvements ‘under the hood’

Note: EboSuite 1.5 only works in 64 bit

Download the updated installer here .

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here