EboSuite 1.33 (release date 2019-01-16)

While working on EboSuite 1.4 we came across a few bugs and decided to release an update to fix these issues first. This update contains:

  • Fix for issue when playing multiple long video clips in Session View: playback could get glitchy.
  • Fix for issue with eCrossfade: the selected chroma color was not stored correctly.
  • Fix for issue when reordering/removing tracks: when a track was deleted or moved, the video output could stop (the sound would still be audible).
  • Fix for issue with hard drives with case sensitive partitions: the EboSuite plug-ins could not communicate with the EboSuite application in that case.

Download the updated installer here

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here

EboSuite 1.4 will be released soon, so stay tuned :slight_smile:
Update 1.4 adds support for live camera input, Syphon in, blend modes and video feedback among other things.


Do you have an approximate date for 1.4 release? Really looking forward to these new features.

It’s planned for next week, probably Thursday.

Amazing. Thanks for letting me know.

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Hi, the release will be a few days later, so next week. Sorry to keep you waiting, but you will not have to wait long. Cheers.

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