EboSuite 1.4 (release date 2019-02-12)

This update brings the following new additions:

  • eBlend - use blending modes to mix video tracks. Nine modes available. (see Manual page 27).
  • eVideoIn - use the video stream of a webcam, iPhone or iPad in EboSuite. (see Manual page 23).
  • eFeedback - create a video feedback loop on the master track with different feedback modes. Ten modes available. (see Manual page 29).
  • eSyphonIn - use the video stream of other video applications in EboSuite. (see Manual page 34).
  • eSampler linking has been improved (see Manual page 22).
  • Memory usage monitor added to the eSampler
  • You can now use the eCrossfade plug-in on any track and a vertical wipe is added. (see Manual page 28).
  • eDecollect - a helper application to support more Collect All and Save options (separate download). (see Manual page 39).
  • Chroma color in eCrossfade is now automatable
  • Fixed bug: Chroma color in eCrossfade was not remembered
  • Fixed bug: Issue with automating the loopstart/length in eSampler
  • … many more improvements ‘under the hood’

Download the updated installer here .

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here


Wow! Can’t wait to check this out. Thanks for the rad updates!!

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Wow! Really nice update! The eDecollect device is really handy too!
Do you guys plan to make compatible iphone and iPad cameras to be used as a webcam in the future? (video feed only, not the whole device screen)

I am using a legacy software made by Techlife (discontinued) http://techlife.sg/TCPSyphon/ with iPhones and iPads wirelessly ( from ios 9) and with usb cable for less latency ( from ios 11). But they made their own ios and android app, back in the day. It is compatible with syphon (out) so it is really handy to use it with your new syphon in device!

I use another app called LiveCamera ( https://github.com/v002/v002-Camera-Live ) to connect canon cameras as syphon in cameras or webcam like cameras on ebosuite now!

I would find it interesting to be able to connect and iphone camera (at least) as a webcam in ebosuite without siwtching on other programs on the mac but I don’t know if other people would find it useful like I do. It is just an idea :slight_smile: Cheers for the new update! Awesome work!

Thanks! Im glad you like the update. If you connect the iPhone/iPad with an USB cable it will be recognized automatically by EboSuite. You can then stream the entire iPhone/iPad screen into EboSuite. So you can also use it to stream YouTube or your Instagram feed or creative apps. We are thinking of making an iOS app that shows the camera full screen without interface elements. There is not really a free app that does that. MoviePro is a nice video recording app that lets you turn off the interface elements (enable ‘Tab to hide interface’ under settings), but that costs €6.99.

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I’m getting a message saying Ebosuite requires Sierra. Is this true? I’m still on El Capitan.

Tried to install manually but that’s not working either - I might’ve done it wrong though.

Hi Gavspav, the minimal system requirements are:
Mac OS 10.12+, Ableton Live 9.5+ (64 bit preferred), Max for Live 7.2+

Love the new update. Used the eVideo in with webcam no problem. But I get no response from my iphones. Does the cam have to be on? So far, it is not recognizing. Maybe it’s my old cable.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Ebosuite rocks.

Hi Jemco, the iPhone should be recognized immediately. You don’t have to activate the camera. You can use eVideoIn to stream YouTube or the output of any other app or even just the lock screen from the iPhone. It might the cable you are using that’s causing the issue, we had a similar experience. Otherwise let us know, so we can help you figure out what is happening.

Thx. It’s an off market cord, so that might be the trouble. I will try with another cord and let you know.

Will any iphone work? Even an old one?

Yes, any iOS device should work.

Cool. thx.

Able to get my newer phone going but the old one is giving me trouble.

I’m pretty sure it’s my cables.

Great feature, along with the feedback.

so cool.

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Hi Jemco,
What iOS version does the old phone run? It should work iOS 8 and up.
And, you do need an iPhone with a lightning cable, the 30 pin connector does not support this feature unfortunately. You also need to trust your mac before it can work.

If you have a device with a lightning cable and iOS >= 8 and it still doesn’t work, can you please check for me if the device shows up in quicktime if you select ‘new movie recording’?


Dang yeh I’m on 10.11.16 (mainly so I don’t lose MPEG STREAMCLIP!) and this is the first installer that has told me 10.12 is required. Hmmm…anybody got a replacement for MPEG STREAMCLIP?

HI @Robotkid (and @gavspav).
We are sorry that we had to change the minimum requirements to 10.12. The reason behind this was that the methods we needed to improve the video playback are only available in 10.12 or higher, we decided to implement them anyway and give better quality playback priority over supporting 10.11.

@Robotkid : are you sure that MPEG STREAMCLIP is not working on 10.12 and higher? I am no expert in using it but I just tried and installed it and it works fine on Mojave (10.14.3).
(I did not try to use the MPEG2 component though since I could not find that dmg).



@Timo thanks! Well, 10.11 is ages old, so it makes sense! I don’t blame you guys at all! From the research I’ve done, it sounds like MPEG may work on 10.12, but mpeg2 probably breaks. I have a ton of DVD’s I’ve ripped over the ages that I sometimes cut up…hmm…I’ll guess I’ll have to get with the times! :expressionless:

Is there a workaround to make this work on Capitan?

No, I cant think of a workaround, sorry. Note that EboSuite is 64 bit only since version 1.5.