Apple M1 Issues

Hello everyone,

It seems that in some specific situations there is a problem with Apple’s M1 hardware and EboSuite.

We are focusing really hard on replicating this issue, and for that we need your input.

If you are experiencing issues on M1 hardware, please let us know all of the following:

Exact hardware model
Exact MacOS version
Exact Ableton Live version
Can you replicate the issues with the provided EboSuite Demo Set?
Brief description of the issue

And if you have any additional details please let us know.

You can reply here in the thread or send us a PM.

I hope we can replicate&fix this issue soon so everyone can have a smooth EboSuite experience.

Thank you for your help!

Best wishes,

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hardware model MacBook Air M1 2020
Memory 16 gb
MacOS version 11.4
Ableton Live version 11.0.2
ebosuite was manually installed, because “installer launcher.amxd could not be opened”.
eArrangement is not working. the clip is played as ableton-video, but not in ebosuite. also, when i close the ableton-video-window. ebosuite show only first frame or stays black. the Demo set ist not working. missing clips and one clip shows only first frame.

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Exact hardware model MacBook Pro M1 2020
Memory 16Gb ran
Exact MacOS version 11.4 (same with other earlier)
Exact Ableton Live version 11.0.2 and beta 11.0.5b5
Can you replicate the issues with the provided EboSuite Demo Set? Yes same issues, videos doesn’t work playback just first frame.
Brief description of the issue Video is not working, images on esampler and isf files working fine.

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Exact hardware model: MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
Memory: 16 GB
Exact MacOS version: 11.4 (20F71)
Exact Ableton Live version: 11.0.2 (2021-03-26_5b7f2a59a5)
Can you replicate the issues with the provided EboSuite Demo Set?: Yes
Brief description of the issue:
Adding a video to eClips results in the following warning: “Video can only be displayed by video clips in the Arrangement View. Video clips in the Session View are treated like audio clips.”
No video playback only still of the first sec of video clip. Basically, Live is treating Ebosuite video as if it is Ableton video.

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Just checking ETA on fix for the issue? Sad Panda would love to finish a couple projects :panda_face:

Hey everyone, sorry to hear you are experiencing these troubles.
The most common thing is only showing the first frame of the video, regardless whether is is played by eArrangement/eClips/eSimpler or eSampler, right?
The weird thing is that for other people using a very similar setup it works fine, we are going to rent an M1 system now and hopefully we can reproduce the issue there and have a deeper dive. @nesa will send you an email with follow up tests.

Could you also do the following for me:
-Open the demo set
-right click on an EboSuite device title bar and choose “open Max window”
-try to playback a clip
-send me a screenshot of what is printed in the max window (you can send me a message on the forum here)

@abanze: that is odd… that installation error is a different issue altogether I think. What was printed in that case in the max window?


max window screenshot of basic demo

thanks @CharlesS, but that is not what I mean, you do not need to open the device for editing (hence the errors, this is a known m4l limitation), but only click on the title bar and select ‘open max window’ , can you send me screenshot of that situation?

Thank you for your response everyone, it’s really helpful!

If you have a moment to run a few test sets and get back to us that would be great:


Please try to play them back one by one(3 tests for eClips and 3 tests for eSampler) and let us know if they work or do not work.

Timo’s suggestion is also very important: please right-click on the title bar of the eClips/eSampler and choose ‘open max window’. Then please send us a screenshot of that window.

Edit: I forgot one more important point - make sure you are testing with the latest version of EboSuite(1.8)

hello, here are the infos:

  • Exact hardware model:
    Modellname: MacBook Air
    Modell-Identifizierung: MacBookAir10,1
    Chip: Apple M1
    Gesamtanzahl der Kerne: 8 (4 Leistung und 4 Effizienz)
    Speicher: 16 GB
    Systemfirmwareversion: 6723.120.36
    OS-Ladeprogrammversion: 6723.120.36
    Seriennummer (System): C02F70AWQ6LT
    Hardware-UUID: CD3E5146-FF0A-5247-B1B6-56C411B98070
    Bereitstellungs-UDID: 00008103-000448E10ADA001E
  • Exact MacOS version: big sur 11.4
  • Exact Ableton Live version: 11.0.2 (2021-03-26_5b7f2a59a5)
  • Can you replicate the issues with the provided EboSuite Demo Set?
    checking your demo set, here are the results:

esampler can play the (hap) video
eclip can not play the (hap) video (only 1st frame)
esimpler can not play the (hap) video (only 1st frame)
earrangement can not play the (hap) video (only 1st frame)
same with other codecs.

best, alfred

i am checking your playback test set. starting all the sets i get a warning: the clips contain no audio. they play only 1st frame. the esampler in your regular demo set has slices (working!), not the esampler in your playback test set (not working). best, alf

playback test set: all eClips sessions frozen on first frame, all eSampler sessions working properly

thanks, this was what I meant, this looks fine, no issue printed

btw, do you mean that the eSamplers do not freeze on the first frame and all others device do? very puzzling. And for @charless the recent eSampler test works and for @abanze it doesn’t… weird.

Alright, I have thought of new test.
I would be grateful if you guys could to the following:

  1. Open a new Ableton Live set

  2. Add an eClips to an audio track

  3. close the EboSuite window

  4. navigate to the EboSuite folder in your user library

  5. press cmd+shift+. to show the hidden files

  6. right click on .Ebosuite and select show package contents

  7. go to the folder Contents->MacOS and double click on the .EboSuite located there
    (this will show us debug prints from the EboSuite app in a terminal window)

  8. unpack the following file and add it to the live set (doesn’t really matter where) (1.9 KB)

  9. now right click the titlebar of the eClips device and select ‘Open Max window’ (so don’t open the device for editing!)
    (this will show us all the messages sent from Ableton to our application)

  10. now unpack and add this videofile to a clipslot on the track with eClips (in session view, not arrangement view) and press play (2.8 MB)

  11. gather everything that is printed in the max for live window in a text file

  12. gather everything that is printed in the terminal window of the EboSuite app in another text file

  13. send them to me at or upload them here (you might need to zip them first) and will start puzzling with it!

I hope that was clear, let me know if a step needs clarification
Sorry for all the work we ask of you, we hope to reproduce your issue ourselves soon as well but until then we have to rely on your input.


correct. eClips freeze. eSamplers play.

will do this in the morning

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bonus check:
with nesa’s eClips test (e.g. eclips-haptest Project) does the situation change if you turn warping off and play the clip?

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ebosuite test (7.6 KB)

Here it is the test hope is well done

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It doesn’t change, only plays first frame