Video sometimes doesn't trigger via midi

Hi, I’m just trying to demo of ebosuite. Looks good, however I have a problem with a pretty basic setup.

Create midi track, put a drum rack on it, load two eSamplers into C1 and C#1. Drag the from the examples zip onto the C1 eSampler, and onto the C#1 eSampler. Using Push 2, play the kick and clap in a basic pattern. They will work, except when playing them both at the same time, in which case one or the other will often not play. This is the same also when creating a simple clip pattern that does say four on the floor kicks and alternative claps. Sometimes some of the videos will not play. I’ve also had it happen just with four kicks that sometimes one of them won’t show.

This is at 120 bpm, with nothing else happening - also, I tried changing the eSampler’s for each video to OneShot and reduced the length, in case it was some kind of overlap issue - but it made no difference.

I tried hooking up a seperate audio clip (Simpler) to trigger, chained with the eSampler for each one. The audio would always play fine, just not the video - so I don’t think its a midi issue going in (I don’t have any other midi issues in general anyway).

This is on Live 10.0.5, macOS Mojave 10.14 on an iMac Pro with Push 2.

If it’s related, I could load and play the example VJ live set, and it seemed to work, but the other one (with the hammers and pumpkins and stuff) would not play. It just doesn’t seem to work at all, except it makes a couple of the sounds (at a pretty slow tempo).

EDIT: Also, no errors or warnings shown at any point.

Hi, that’s interesting. EboSuite should work with perfect in this case. Are you using a Fusion Drive?

Yes. I thought it should work fine too - from the description in the manual.

And no, its all SSD.

Ah top, a Fusion Drive can lead to unexpected en unpredictable results, so that was why I was asking.
A SSD drive should work perfect. What video compression are you using?

Thanks for your help - I’m using the example video files, which are hap5 I believe.

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Hi, We would like to take a closer look at this. Can you send us a mail at If you like we can plan a Skype session.

Hey, is this problem solved? I have the same problems at the moment, sometimes eSampler shows black screen after triggering with midi. But the video is starting in eSampler - but screen is just black. It’s around every third to seventh time.

Ai, that shouldn’t happen. Are you using the latest version, version 1.33? That update fixed a simular issue.
Find the download links here:

Hey Jeroen, thanks for your fast answer. I should always keep EboSuite up to date :wink:
now it’s working fine!
Thanks for your help!

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