Video no longer plays after using Session view

I created a my clips in Session view and then I recorded my arrangement in to the arrangement view but when I play back my new arrangement the video disappears. I tried restarting Ebo and then also restarting Ableton but neither fix the issue. Is there something I need to do to make this work?

Sorry, but that is not possible. We would love to support that, but Ableton has not opened up that part yet: max for live has hardly any knowledge about what is going on in the arrangement view. It is a long standing feature request we have with them. Please email them as well so that they realise more people are waiting for this.

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hello there, i’ve rise a ticket to Ableton, hope it will help is many of us do that :slight_smile: meanwhile, i’m still trying to record a performance i’ve work on in arrangement view. I initialy work in session wiew with APC, so i’ve use a lot of eclip plugin.

It not possible to upload video in esampler since some of my video durantion are superior to 2 min.

Is anyone have a workaround ?
It is possible to see video thant to the native ableton video viewer. isn’t there a possible way to “route” this video in Ebosuite ?

Otherwise, is there an otherebosuite plugin that can read video > 2 min in arrangement ?

Thank a lot for your help;

Hi Clément, yes, let’s hope Apple listens :slight_smile:
Yeah, doing things in arrangement view is a puzzle. I assume you also need the audio of the video? in that case you can do a similar thing that you already do but then with the combi eSimpler + Simpler. This allows for longer files with audio.

Alternatively you could try out a max for live device that triggers clipslots. I did a quick search and this came up: MIDI Note to Any Clip Slot Trigger - YouTube I haven’t tried it, but it might be a good solution for you.

Cheers, Timo

Thanks for those ideas Timo i will try !

in the same time i’ve received a feedback from the ableton team asking me to rise a ticket into their development backlog (named centercode)
If we want Ableton to move on it, we certainly have to massively vote for it ^^:{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

Is there a way to make some advertising on that to the ebosuite community ?


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20/08 : more and more vote on the ableton support, thanks ! please support the request !


01/09 : Hi everybody ! It is the end of the holidays, you have now some times to support the ableton request :smiley:{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

At the moment we have only 12 votes, that not enough to be visible !

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11/09 :smile: hey ! here i’m for an update : 13 vote on Ableton, Still not enough{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

Keep supporting please !

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Never give up ! Please Ebosuite forum member. Support the ableton request :{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

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hey i’m here again :smiley:
look like the “follow action” feature in the new release of ableton 11 may help as a kind of workaround ! i will test when release will be deliver in begin 2021

meanwhile, you can still vote :slight_smile: !!{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

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Hello there ?

Think i’ve forgot that topic :smiley:

@Timo do you think there a chance for us to see some feature on Live 11 that may help recording in session view ?

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i haven’t check this issue for a while; Is there any news about it ?

Yes, New additions in Live 11 made this possible for us to implement!
Currently you can use the eArrangement plugin to playback videos in the arrangement.
eClips is still the device in session view. The only inconvenience is that you need to delete eClips from the track and add eArrangement after recording.

In the upcoming 2.0 version eClips will be renamed to eSession to make it even clearer.

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so glad to hear it! good news. so i’ll have to buy live 11 and waiting for the update of ebosuit isn’t it ?

EboSuite 2.0 has been released today, to you can try it out. Cheers!

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I am currently fighting the old problem: I recorded a performance in session mode. After switching to the arrangement I killed the eSession-thing and put in the e-Arrangement-thing. And the Videos are not played anymore. Would you be so kind and give me an advice what to do?

Thanks a lot

Hi bauer3000, it should work as you described (I just tried it here), so I am not sure what is going on. What video codec are you using? And what version of EboSuite and Ableton Live? Could you send your project (without media) to, so I can have a look?

Hi Jerome, it worked after I shut down everything (Project and computer) and restarted it…

I’ll have to treat one more project the same way next week. (Recording a session and than keep on working in arrangement) When I have the same problem again I will come back to you and send it to you.

But thank you so far.

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Ok, thank you for the update