Video no longer plays after using Session view

I created a my clips in Session view and then I recorded my arrangement in to the arrangement view but when I play back my new arrangement the video disappears. I tried restarting Ebo and then also restarting Ableton but neither fix the issue. Is there something I need to do to make this work?

Sorry, but that is not possible. We would love to support that, but Ableton has not opened up that part yet: max for live has hardly any knowledge about what is going on in the arrangement view. It is a long standing feature request we have with them. Please email them as well so that they realise more people are waiting for this.

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hello there, i’ve rise a ticket to Ableton, hope it will help is many of us do that :slight_smile: meanwhile, i’m still trying to record a performance i’ve work on in arrangement view. I initialy work in session wiew with APC, so i’ve use a lot of eclip plugin.

It not possible to upload video in esampler since some of my video durantion are superior to 2 min.

Is anyone have a workaround ?
It is possible to see video thant to the native ableton video viewer. isn’t there a possible way to “route” this video in Ebosuite ?

Otherwise, is there an otherebosuite plugin that can read video > 2 min in arrangement ?

Thank a lot for your help;

Hi Clément, yes, let’s hope Apple listens :slight_smile:
Yeah, doing things in arrangement view is a puzzle. I assume you also need the audio of the video? in that case you can do a similar thing that you already do but then with the combi eSimpler + Simpler. This allows for longer files with audio.

Alternatively you could try out a max for live device that triggers clipslots. I did a quick search and this came up: I haven’t tried it, but it might be a good solution for you.

Cheers, Timo

Thanks for those ideas Timo i will try !

in the same time i’ve received a feedback from the ableton team asking me to rise a ticket into their development backlog (named centercode)
If we want Ableton to move on it, we certainly have to massively vote for it ^^:{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

Is there a way to make some advertising on that to the ebosuite community ?


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20/08 : more and more vote on the ableton support, thanks ! please support the request !


01/09 : Hi everybody ! It is the end of the holidays, you have now some times to support the ableton request :smiley:{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

At the moment we have only 12 votes, that not enough to be visible !

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11/09 :smile: hey ! here i’m for an update : 13 vote on Ableton, Still not enough{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

Keep supporting please !

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Never give up ! Please Ebosuite forum member. Support the ableton request :{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

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hey i’m here again :smiley:
look like the “follow action” feature in the new release of ableton 11 may help as a kind of workaround ! i will test when release will be deliver in begin 2021

meanwhile, you can still vote :slight_smile: !!{afae9e48-ff3c-4c3b-ae33-477a39385a46}&t=0&fti=2

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Hello there ?

Think i’ve forgot that topic :smiley:

@Timo do you think there a chance for us to see some feature on Live 11 that may help recording in session view ?

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