EboSuite 2.0 (release date 2022-04-11)

EboSuite 2.0 is here! :raised_hands: :tada:

This update brings live video recording to EboSuite and much more. This is a paid upgrade (€50) if you bought EboSuite longer than 6 months ago. If you own EboSuite shorter than 6 months, you can download a free upgrade from the store at: https://www.ebosuite.com/shop/

This update brings:


  • The installer now always offers option to automatically zip existing EboSuite installation

  • EboSuite works now with a new, flexible and hack proof license system

  • Removed support for older Live (<10) and MacOS (<10.14) versions

  • Various fixes specific for M1 and Monterey

  • Fixed glitch when when playing HAP videos for the first time in certain situations

  • Fixed black Live set issue after load (related to Max for Live bug)

  • Many optimisations ‘under the hood’

Plug-in organisation and naming

  • The plug-ins are reorganised and renamed, introducing categories for easier workflow (more info in the manual)

  • The following plug-ins are renamed:

    • eClips - eSession
    • eSyphonIn - eVideoReceive
    • eSyphonOut - eVideoSend
    • eFX-Mask - eMask
    • eFX-Fade - eFade
    • eFX-Crop - eCrop
    • eText2Syphon - eText
  • Use the new eLiveSetTool (more info below) to make 1.x Live sets work with EboSuite 2.0

New feature: Live recording



  • ISF shaders are now stored separate from EboSuite folder (in newly created Users/Shared/EboSuite or Users/[User Name]/Documents/EboSuite folder)

  • Factory ISF shaders (Standard and EboStudio) cannot be edited (but can easily be duplicated to edit them)

  • Easier ISF browsing

  • Updated ISF factory shaders with new shaders and fixes for shaders which misbehaved on M1


  • Fix for eSampler Freeze issues

  • Fixed automating speed in eSampler

  • New eSamplerAnalyserSettings plug-in which exposes slice analysis parameters of eSampler (more info in the manual)

  • Fix for Warp Marker slice method in eSampler for Live 11.x



  • Improved performance of eArrangement and various fixes



  • Online manual (including video tutorials) (see here)

  • New streamlined UI with extra assisting help features and links to the online manual


  • eDecollect is now called eLiveSetTool

  • The eLiveSetTool has tow functions: (1) fix Live sets that got corrupted because of misuse of Live’s Collect All and Save feature (2) upgrade EboSuite 1.x Live sets to make them work with EboSuite 2.0

  • eLiveSetTool is installed with EboSuite (in newly created Applications/EboSuite directory) (more info in the manual)

EDIT (2022-04-21): We just released a service update (EboSuite 2.001). This update fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed: when running EboSuite 2.0 on an M1 Mac and Live 11 in native mode, the eISF and eFX-ISF plug-ins didn’t find any shaders in the ISF shader folders.
  • Fixed: the Upgrade/Decollect modes in the eLiveSetTool were flipped

Get the upgrade at our shop (https://www.ebosuite.com/shop) or if you already own a 2.0 license, but would like to re-install for some reason, download the updated installer here .

This is the new promo video. Spread the word!


amazing! thank you :heart_eyes: so no support for 10.14 macos ?

MacOS 10.14 is supported still. Cheers!

I just purchased 2.0 update but i lost Valid code from original one.
Can anyone help me out ?
i bought 1.0 when it came out …

Thank you.

I found my license but i can’t copy and paste like previous updates

it says Current clipboard doesn’t contain a valid code…

hi Hiko, I just replied to your email. We just sent you the 2.0 license key. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much.
It was very quick solving by you guys .
I really appreciate your help.



Hello, I purchased EboSuite on October, do I get the update to 2.0?

Hi Figx, yes, just go to our shop and order the free upgrade. You will receive a full license key within one working day (or system will check your existing license first).

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Thanks Jeroen, really appreciate it. :smiley:

actually the only 2 “bigger” new features are live-recording video input and slice support with e-simpler. then 2 more small new features with the eGroup device and eReturnTrack device and thats it after all. also those 2 “new mixing devices/features” only exist due to an overall inconvenient implementation of the whole video-signal flow in the ebo system which is not consistent when it comes to questions of how/when does the video routing behave like audio in ableton and how/when does it not. being unstable and not smooth in many circumstances all those fixes and “optimisations under the hood” should be done within one major version and should not be promoted for selling an upgrade old users have to pay for.

Hi Lautos, thank you for the critical feedback. This is the first time we ask for an extra contribution from our audience in over four years. After this contribution upgrades will be free again for a long time. So the upgrades in 2.0 are a few of many to come. If you have feature requests please let them know on this forum or mail them to contact@ebosuite.com. I am very interested in what you mean with ‘being unstable and not smooth’, I would appreciate it very much if you could elaborate on that claim. Our aim is to create the ideal audio-visual instrument, to enable working with music and visuals in one, unified creative process. Ideal for audio-visual artists and visual music producers. Max for Live is a great opportunity to integrate our software as seamless as possible in Live, very important. To ‘follow the audio signal flow’ is just a part of what is needed to create the ideal audio-visual instrument. To work with visuals in a musical way a lot of other concepts are needed as well, as you can see in the eSampler for example and the other EboSuite plug-ins. A smooth, intuitive real-time audio-visual design process is what we try to achieve. So we are very open to your suggestions. Thank you for joining us on this exciting trip and for you critical feedback.
Cheers, Jeroen.

Hi Jaroen and thanks for this! I’m looking forward to upgrading to 2.0… but I’m in the middle of a project with EboSuite 1.8 and don’t want to risk blowing up any work in progress. Will the 2.0 version overwrite 1.8 or can I use them both on the same system (one at a time, of course)?

Also Ebo to Syphon Recorder doesn’t record reliably for me (garbled audio, apparently from a clocking issue) although OBS seems to record OK. Can 2.0 record video output (with audio) directly without routing to external Syphon apps?


Hi Jeff, yes, you can use both versions on your computer. Just make a .zip of your 1.8 EboSuite folder in the User Library, to keep it (the installer will also ask to do it for you). When you want to switch, just .zip the 2.0 folder (or rename or move it) and unzip the 1.8 folder. The 1.x license will still work. Why are you not using 1.9 btw? That is a free update from 1.8 (find the installer here). Note that you’ll have to convert a 1.x project with the eLiveSetTool to use it with 2.0 plug-ins. You should be able to open your 1.8 project with 2.0 then.

In 2.0 you can record video from a video stream received by the eVideoIn plug-in (a camera, iPhone, video converter etc.), you can’t record the EboSuite output yet. That would be very nice, also for resampling, so it is high on our Wishlist. Hopefully we can add it soon.

It is update from Ebo Suite 1.6 to 2.0.
It fails even if I do it how many times.

macOS Mojave
MacBookPro Mid 2012
2.6GHz Intel Core i7

Hi Yuji,
Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you send us the installer log? I just sent you an email with instructions how to send this log.

Hi Jeroen
I purchased Ebosuite back in November, but I’ve only just got around to installing it. When I installed 1.8 for the very first time, I was notified about 2.0 and have received my free upgrade (thank you very much).
As I have never actually used 1.8, is there a way to uninstall it (or delete the old modules in the Ableton user library) before I install 2.0?
It would seem to make sense to me to have a clean install of 2.0 without any of the old 1.8 modules, if this is easy enough to do?
many thanks

Hi Nathan,
The EboSuite installer will automatically remove the previously installed EboSuite folder (it moves it to the trash). Before doing so, the installer will give a warning and it will give you the option to automatically create a .zip of the old EboSuite folder. That option is turned on by default (see below), so you might want to disable that. You can also manually remove the EboSuite folder from Live’s User Library before installing.