Video fx modules

transformer effect
splitting and conforming images to shapes, grids and quadrins.

also a noise/grain generator

crossfader device on any channel - maybe all those effects in the dropdown separate devices.

a granular type video player would be sweet as well

a slicer tool that cuts the video in to sections on the screen ,
horizontal and vertical and can select how many slices.

scrub type scratch tool

when mouse is focused on the video window ableton shortcut keys will still work

Hi Tunnelsurf, Those are all very good suggestions and the good news is that we are working on adding most of these features. We finished the transform plug-in (eTrackTransform) and we will release that soon, the other features will follow in upcoming (free) updates. :blush:

very nice :slight_smile: looking forward to it. as well ast the scale position rotate keep it up!

a slice to midi drum rack . much like audio you can set some point based on time or another attribute then auto chuck to a drum rack for easy video sample making.

Good point. Currently we are looking for the best way to add slicing. We will add this to the discussion. Thanks for the input!

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hey guys wanted to add the suggestion for a masking tool plugin , where you can create a shape mask and move it around your image.

great stuff keep up good work!

Thats also a good one. Shape masks and motion masks are part of our roadmap, so we are going to add that in a future update. Thanks again for the input!

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hey again. wanted to suggest a device that would take a still shot of the ebosuite output. this way while your jaming you can click or midi map a key and just take an instant still to reimport and use on the fly

hope to give you all some more detailed feedback. im currently messing with ebosuite on an old 2012 macbook seeing how far i can push it with hap codec.

Hi Tunnelsurf, thanks for all the suggestions! We will add them to our discussions. Your suggestions are very useful so most of them are added to our future features list.

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Great to hear ! Glad to help and look forward to more goodness!
so far with hap its running great cpu stays low my gpu does ramp up and sends my fans on high
but i will try chopping into smaller clips as i have been just throwing stuff in. with a lot of extra footage around what i actually need. Again happy to help this is a great tool and is being nicely implemented.

Thanks! Tip: you can use the File Region Editor to manage the size of the loaded samples in the eSampler and to chop of unnecessary parts. See manual page 21.

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thanks brother, im def going to check that out. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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