Video disappears when insert “velocity” midi device

Like the title says, I have a stack of two esamplers grouped on a channel, and they work.
But if I insert a MIDI device (ableton native: “velocity” in my case but it happens also with “arpeggiati e” or “note length” etc) before the e samplers I lost the video (audio is still there).
Anyone has experienced the same issue?


Hi max, how do you stack them? With a drumrack or with an instrument rack?
EboSuite does not support instrument racks (for various reasons). It should not happen with a drumrack, and if does, I would like to take a look at a simplified version of your set if that’s ok.

Hi Timo,
actually they’re stacked within an instrument rack (didn’t know they weren’t supported, good to know!)
I must say the basic stack works even with the instrument rack, it loses the video only when I put the m4l device before the stack.

anyway, I’ll try to use a drum rack for the stack and verify if it doesn’t lose the video part

many thanks


i confirm that using a drum rack it works, many thanks


another disappearing episode, ahahah!

on the third video track on this project, now I’m experiencing that video doesn’t play, only audio.
the strange thing is that, when I open the project, it doesn’t wok but, if I delete the video inside the eSampler, it works!

very strange…

alright, hard to say what is going on from that info. Can you send the project to, then I will take a look.
(collect all and saved (excluding factory & user lib), e.g. via wetransfer).

thank you very much!

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Hi Max, do you mean you have sent the files via wetransfer to me? or that your problem is solved? (I see no incoming mail from you yet).

Sent you an email at

Thanks, got it now

Indeed something is wrong there.
It is due to the fact that you automate the start position with an lfo. For some reason (currently unknown to me) this causes the eSampler to stop sending other messages, so it cannot even send the videofile location to the EboSuite app, thus it stays black. If you turn off the lfo and turn it on again it works.

This sounds like one of the mysteries of max for live, but I am not completely sure yet. I cannot dive that deep into it right now, but I will note it for the future.

Oh and btw, if you use lfo’s it is better to to use my edits with the limit updates functionality (otherwise you send much more data to EboSuite than necessary), check them out here

For now I think it is best to replace the lfo with my edited version, only turn on the lfo when needed and be aware that when the lfo is active it might influence the behavior of the other parameters. Btw, it is also worth trying out if the combi eSimpler + Simpler works better in this use case (that’s often a better option if you don’t need the full feature set of eSampler).

Thanks for reporting and good luck

Another idea for a workaround with your use case:

  • Use eSampler in slices mode and create evenly placed slices and turn ‘thru’ on
  • Use the midi effect random to randomly pick a slice as staring position
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