Video disappears when insert “velocity” midi device

Like the title says, I have a stack of two esamplers grouped on a channel, and they work.
But if I insert a MIDI device (ableton native: “velocity” in my case but it happens also with “arpeggiati e” or “note length” etc) before the e samplers I lost the video (audio is still there).
Anyone has experienced the same issue?


Hi max, how do you stack them? With a drumrack or with an instrument rack?
EboSuite does not support instrument racks (for various reasons). It should not happen with a drumrack, and if does, I would like to take a look at a simplified version of your set if that’s ok.

Hi Timo,
actually they’re stacked within an instrument rack (didn’t know they weren’t supported, good to know!)
I must say the basic stack works even with the instrument rack, it loses the video only when I put the m4l device before the stack.

anyway, I’ll try to use a drum rack for the stack and verify if it doesn’t lose the video part

many thanks


i confirm that using a drum rack it works, many thanks

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