M4L LFO's with option to limit updates (might make your project lighter)

LFO’s are fun, but can be quite demanding on your system, but often you do not need the update rate it gives you. Especially with video a framerate of 25fps means that there is a new frame every 40 ms.

This zip contains two LFO’s which are from the Ableton standard M4L devices (LFO of Live 9 and Live 10) but then with an added ‘limit updates’ toggle and a time to configure the max update time.

LFOs.zip (70.0 KB)

I hope this will be an improvement for your sets.

ps: I think there is still a vulnerability in live when you use LFO’s, I have had some odd crashes after adding LFO’s, but it might be that they have fixed this in recent updates


Wow, this is great! Thanks so much for this.