Scratching video

Hello friends,

Is there currently a way to “scratch” video like a DJ? This would be similar to “scrubbing” in video software. Modern DJ “turntables” and controllers have midi control (I have rane twelves) and it would be cool to control ebosuite video with it. Currently I am recording the scratched video through Serato DJ but it is a tedious and janky workflow. It would be cool to record the automation instead so it can be tweaked.

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Hi dfbpurcell,
That’s an interesting question.
Have you seen this quick tip for EboSuite?

I think with a well thought out mapping and some practice you will already have something that might work for what you want (though it will be different than what you are used to).
We would also love to support timecode audio data, that is on our wishlist for the future.

Did you know that Eboman is scratching with video for more than 20 years with technology that later ended up in EboSuite?
See for example this scratch battle:

He is using a wacom tablet in the video, a similar parameter mapping can be made with EboSuite.

Hi dfbpurcell

This is een another post on the forum where I discussed scratching with EboSuite:

I hope it is useful!