Scratching Example?

Hey gang,

Love the scratching effect in this promo vid:

Can you describe the technique you are using a bit more? Looks like you are modifying the start time and pitch…

Have you found a good solution for performing that live? I’ve tried mapping a few controllers to start, pitch, and track mute/unmute…but it doesn’t sound a authentic as what you guys did in this vid. Any tips?



Hi Josh

The way I do it is by animating the start and pitch indeed. And use short midi notes. You’ll have to practice a bit and try different combinations to find the right sound and timing.

If you trigger a sample with pitch = 1 and then program some short notes with the pitch gliding down from +12 to +3 and a little startpoint offset and then trigger the sample with original pitch again, it will already have the effect of a transformedbaby scratch’. Adding pitch - 7 notes just before triggering the original pitched note will improve the effect. Just make variations on that pattern and use different start piont offsets to create more interesting patterns.

I will make a tutorial video and downloadable demo track, then you can even copy scratch patterns from my example track. I hope that I’ll have time for that soon.

For live performances I use a SenSorSuit and the skrtZz pen that we developed a while back. The skrtZz pen software might even be worthwhile to release at some point. I will discuss that with the team.


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Awesome…thanks man!