Recording Ebosuite via HDMI

Hello Ebo friends!
I’m looking for a good and reliable way to record / export a Live/Ebo video performance, and thought I’d see if others had any experience using HDMI to record EBO performances.

I’m finding that the quality of the recordings seems to degrade when recording a session via Syphon Out (into Syphon recorder), or using a screen recorder (quicktime or IshowU), Also, getting the audio with the video is another challenge.

So I’m wondering if others have found good results using a separate HDMI recorder to render out, and if there’s any products others in the community could recommend.

Seems like something commonly used by video gamers, and something like the Blackmagic Ultrastudio (connected to a separate comp, or if I wanted to spend more funds on a stand-alone device, a prores monitor recorder (commonly used with video cameras), would be an even better solution.

Anyways, I’ve got a late 2013 Mac Pro, with a pretty decent video card, so I find the full screen playback of my Ebosuite sessions looks nice, but haven’t been able to reproduce that live stream in a saved video (with audio). Is HDMI the way to go?

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Hi Melton,

For the best possible quality output I’d always go for recording the HDMI output.

I’ve used a separate PC with a blackmagic Intensity Pro (pci-e)capture card and an ssd drive, and the quality was amazing.

I don’t know about specific stand-alone recorders that gamers use, but a friend of mine used a cheapo recorder and it was ok - it could record only to h264 so any fast moving or noisy parts were messed-up. But this was several years ago, maybe there are better ones out there now:)

hope this helps,

Thanks for the info Nesa!

At this point I’m leaning towards the Black Magic UltraStudio. I’ve found Black Magic products to be pretty good quality and reasonably priced ($150). Although there are lots of options out there. I just need to confirm that it will work with my existing set-up and how the audio will in flow into the workflow.

There’s a lot of different options out there, some include interesting functions to live stream, which could also be kinda cool, but getting a quality recoding is my main goal for a HDMI recording interface.


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