Is it possible to stream EboSuite without Syphon?


Seems Syphon has entirely moved to Github, which is great in some respects, but for those of us without a PhD in computer science, it kinda makes things frustrating.

Could anyone please point me to a simple, step-by-step process to compile and install the latest version of Syphon and eSyphonOut.amxd? Or are they any alternatives that do the same thing and are easy to install without the need for ~bash that’ll enable me to record and stream without eSyphonOut?

I don’t know where the latter has gone, btw. Last version I have is 8-Nov-21 and it doesn’t work for me when I run the latest and greatest Ebo install. I’ve searched the site, forum and google and get zero results :person_shrugging:


Found the answer in the T3X2R manual…

SYPHON & SPOUT works with an external object that you should install for send the video from Render to SYPHON / SPOUT client. This take you one minute.

  1. Open Max editor from the first button, top right, on a Max for Live device.

  2. Into the Max application open Package Manager from File menu.

  3. Search for Syphon or Spout, depending on your operating system. Syphon > Mac / Spout > Win

  4. Install the recommended pack. After, close the Max application [cmd/cntrl + q]. Ready!!

And of course… eSyphonOut is now eVideoSend :slight_smile: > EboSuite 2.0 (release date 2022-04-11)


Just chiming in to say EboSuite users do not need to install those Max externals, eVideoSend should work out of the box.

Glad to hear you made it work in the end though, happy video sending:)