Eclip not showing up

Eclip is missing from the zip I downloaded. In the online tutorial, you need this. Have things changed since the tutorial? Is Ebosuite 2 different?

Hi Shamanot,
In EboSuite 2.0 some plug-ins are renamed. eClips is now called eSession. It is a lot of work to change all the tutorials so we didn’t do that yet. Other name changes are:
eClips - eSession
eSyphonIn - eVideoReceive
eSyphonOut - eVideoSend
eFX-Mask - eMask
eFX-Fade - eFade
eFX-Crop - eCrop
eText2Syphon - eText

Also the location of the plug-ins has been changed in 2.0. Plug-ins are now grouped in folders.

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Thank you! Is everything else the same? Are there any videos out there that go over any differences yet?

You can read about the differences in the change log:

Quick-tips and Tutorials you’ll find embedded in the manual: