Eclip in live 11

Good morning
I am really new to Ebo suite
trying it for the first time with a new M1 macbookpro running Big Sur and Live 11.
It seems that my Eclip doesn´t outbut any image to my Ebo suite output.
Am i doing something wrong?

Hi, EboSuite should work fine with M1, Big Sur and Live 11. Are you using clips with Warping turned on? If so, please make sure to save the Warp Markers when you enable Warping and when you change/edit the Warp Markers. If the Warp Markers are not saved, Ableton Live and EboSuite get confused and then you might not get output from eClips. Cheers

Hi I’m new with EboSuite and fairly new with Ableton 11. So please forgive if this is a stupid question - but can someone tell me where the save button is on Ableton 11? I can see it in Ableton 10 and the eClip works fine, but moving to 11, I don’t see a save button and I cannot get a clip to play if it is warped in 11. It flashes one frame and is otherwise black.

Here is what my clip screen looks like. Thank you!

Never mind, I just answered my own question. :slight_smile:

It’s that little disk icon to the right of the title for anyone else who is looking. Never noticed that before…

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 11.49.24 AM


Hi @thomaskobrick,

Thanks! I hadn’t noticed it, and was wondering what had happened to the save button…


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