EboSuite 1.9 (release date 2021-11-16)

This update brings the following new additions/fixes:

• made all Max for Live devices compatible with Apple silicon (M1)
• add support for latest Live 11beta
• fixed freeze parameter issue with eClips
• fixed start/end issue with eConvert
• add support for Warp Markers without .asd file for eConvert
• many improvements to eArrangement playback
• fixed Warp Marker loading issue with eSampler on older Live versions
• fixed specific issue with loading files into eSampler on some systems
• fixed initial size glitch with hap videos + eFX
• fixed issue with moving eVideoIn to another track
• fixed issue with eArrangement not playing after loading (was a Max bug)
• fixed issue with speed automation of eSampler

Download the updated installer here .

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here .


We just found out that in some rare cases you need to restart your mac before a freshly installed/updated EboSuite starts working properly.
So if after the installation the basic demo set’s output stays black: restart your mac.

:clap: :clap: :clap: thank you!! please an instrument specifically for pictures with endless possibilities :vulcan_salute:


Installation works very well, I’m off to rendering more shaders with my tracks!

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Is there any sort of newsletter or way to be notified when EboSuite updates are released?

Update: I figured out that I can just turn on notifications for the changelog category. :+1:

Hi Bjorn, you should get an automatic notification from the EboSuite app. When it is launched it will check online if there is a newer version available and warn you with a pop-up window if there is a newer version. Didn’t that happen? Since we added that feature I am not sending the email anymore.

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Ah, nice! I hadn’t opened EboSuite for a while and actually didn’t check before downloading and installing the update from here. It probably will next time. :slight_smile: