EboSuite 1.8 (release date 2021-06-16)

This update brings the following new additions/fixes:

  • For Live 11 users: The eArrangement plug-in - Use the eArrangement plug-in to use videos on audio tracks in Arrangement View and manipulate them with visual effects and mix them with other video tracks (see Manual page 15).
  • For Live 11 users: No need to save Warp Markers anymore. Warping is now fully supported for eClips, eArrangement, eSampler and eSimpler.
  • added videos to the Quickstart Guide.

Download the updated installer here .

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here .

M1 users please check here!


I installed 1.8 and it looks like there is a regression with eISF - I cannot browse for any shaders and the folder structure does not match the file system.

Okay, I was able to sort this out. There was a macOS security dialog box behind all of the windows that required approval to complete the install.

still very low frame rate on Macbook Pro M1 with the proyect Ebosuite Basic demo. Tryed on the last ableton live 11 beta and the 11.0.2 and still doesn’t work with eclips too

so excited to work with ebosuite in arrangement view!

have to laugh – I spent the last 2 weeks boning up on Final Cut Pro for an upcoming project that I’d prefer to do in Live but would be too complex for session view.

Got everything set up and exported from Ableton and quit Live.
Took a deep breath
Said to myself “I’m gonna check my email one more time before I open Final Cut.”

…and there’s the Isotonik email announcing this version with eArrangement.

Tech moves so fast! Thanks for continuing to develop this software.

awesome! been waiting for this. nice work dev team!!!

Tested today with a MacBook Pro intel 2017 and the M1 doesn’t handle the vídeo fine. I tryed today a fresh install of all (Big Sur, Ableton and ebosuite) and same thing.

problem on m1 mb air. live 11 suite. eArrangement. playback of video in arrangement is not starting, only 1st frame. eSampler + eSimpler is ok. hmmmm

?? please help please

post it on the new post with M1 problems

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hi Abaze, Sorry for the late reply. We are looking into these issues at the moment and making good progress. It is hard to replicate this issue, so you can help us by sending us the following information:

  • Exact hardware model
  • Memory
  • Exact MacOS version
  • Exact Ableton Live version
  • Can you replicate the issues with the provided EboSuite Demo Set?
  • Brief description of the issue

And if you have any additional details please let us know.

Please send the email to contact@ebosuite.com or reply here: Apple M1 Issues


M1 users please check here: