Ebo, 3x iPhone, Live Stream to Facebook? GoProas LiveCam?

Hey There!
Since we are all staying home or at the Studio I really want to start digging EboSuite!
My Idea is:
Concet 3 iPhones or iPads to Ableton & EboSuite via eVideoIn. Route the Audio Mix from my Studio Mixer to Live, use an APC40 as a Video Mixer and than stream the Video & Audio Output to any Platform like Facebook or Twitter. In best Case as HD 720.

Who knows how to do this?
I am new to the field of streaming, but can offer massive knowledge of Ableton and Studio Routings in return!

Also I wonder if anyone has a clue about how to use a GoPro Hero 4 as a Live Video Input (I guess is impossible…?).

Thanks! Stay healthy and lets chat!

Hi Jacob,

It is indeed a crazy time. I will try to answer your questions from home, while at the same time helping my 7 year old with her homework :slight_smile:

You can stream from EboSuite using a syphon output on the master that is going to OBS. From OBS you can stream to a variety of destinations including Facebook and Twitter.

3 iPhones/iPads is possible, but it might lead to some puzzling with usb ports/hubs to get a proper framerate (depending on your system).

Unfortunately it is not possible to use a GoPro directly as video input. You need a hdmi capture card/device that either shows up as a normal videosource, or alternatively a blackmagic device that can be routed to Syphon using the BlackSyphon app.

Good luck!

Hey Timo!
Thanks for your answer! Stay safe and sound!
I will try OBS and so on and get back if I have new insights.
Thanks for the GoPro info.

Hey Timo!
Wow, EboSuite is dope! I did get the FaceTime HD Cam and one iPhone to work, but not two iPhones. Well, thats fair enough I guess! Hope everything is fine over at yours!

Thanks Jacob! Glad you got 2 sources two work. What happened when you tried to connect to iPhones? laggy framerate or something else?

Hey Timo,
I could always only use one iPhone or the other (Model 8/7). If I try to connect the second one it just freezes the Preview from the FaceTime HD Cam that shows up first if I drag a third eVideoIn to a track… At least the one iPhone working is also working over a 6m USB extension cord! Is there anyway to not have the Record Button from the Camera visible in Ebosuite?
One more question:
I have a GreenScreen in the back, can I key the image in realtime?
Thank you so much! I really think your Software is great!

Hi Jacob, we will looking at this issue soon. It is a bit hard since we work from home and I don’t have multiple devices here to test at the moment.

We use the paid app Movie Pro to get a clean video feed from an iOS device. But there might be other solutions (I have tried a free one which was really crappy, but your results may vary).

Hey, Hey!
Thanks, got the App.
Wow, I am loving this sooooo much!
Lets dig deeper: I watched the eFX-ISF plug-in Video and got to the point with the JPGs in different resolutions. Made different JPGs, could not drag them to Live… That doesn’t work in Live 10 anymore, right? What is the solution to just get a small file to have a CPU-light backing for the Shader Generators? Export a DV from FCP?
Man, the more I try EboSuite, the more I love it! Its just perfect! Thanks!

Glad you like the solution with the app and
Yes, alas that support was dropped in Live 10, but you can still drop those in eSimplers/eSamplers. eSimpler is the lightest.


check also http://www.kinoni.com

epocam fair iPhones /Ipad etc …
u need also the paid version on iOS and important
Epo viewer Proos X Mac to put multiple cams …

it works inside Epocam but not inside Ebosuite for multiple cams …
the selection is available but it doesn’t choose the different cams …
it inputs the choice inside Epo Viewer Pro inside Ebosuite …

Ive been looking for solutions also for streaming multiple cam solutions with old iPhones :wink: wanna do a dj set next week streaming but … copyright infractions …

this is also a good review to read … to av!!oid FB and insta to throw you off



Here is another solution for the Iphone to get a clean feed.

Link 1:

Link 2:

You can use as many Iphones and ipads as you want, with or without usb cable. You will need to use eSyphonIn devices to get the video from each iphone cameras.



thanks for the extra option owae!

I checked yesterday with multiple iOS devices connected to 1 mac (by using a remote connection to our studio :slight_smile: ) and it indeed has issues. But those issues are already there without using EboSuite. Quicktime cannot reliable select a 2nd iPhone when a first one is in use. I don’t think I fix this for EboSuite work, you need to try other solutions like the mentioned Epoc Multicam or NDI HX Camera.

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Hey Folks!
Thanks for all the Input! I really enjoy EboSuite and now I am getting into OBS also. I did get the FaceTime HD and one iPhone to work as Live Cams fluently and that seems to be a stable connection, so that is already too dope! I streamed to Facebook in HD via OBS and it looks so cool, I will post the results here later! The Link from FrankyDS helped a lot! I think the green screen keying works better in OBS so now I actually feed the two LiveCams and EboSuite separately to OBS. The Hotkeys there are working super fine with my APC40 and the NativeKontrol Scrips I am using. All in all its getting a pretty advances setup now and I am more than happy to help others latter with my conclusions! For example to get the Audio Input from a RME Fireface or the Ableton Audio OUT into OBS you need to go through the iShowU Audio Capture as explained by Eboman in the “Record your composition” Tutorial. Now I just hope the Internet Connection in my Studio gets better, since all the HomeOffice People taking away the bandwidth here in Berlin :wink:
Once again: I really think EboSuite is one of the coolest Software I saw in a long time!!!
Stay safe and healthy everybody and talk more latter on!
Cheers, Jacob

Quick update: I switched back to handling the two live input cams all in EboSuite. Its more flexible and a smoother workflow. So there is just one instance in OBS and thats the Ebo Syphon Out. Here is a Test from yesterday…: https://www.facebook.com/jacob.thein/videos/10220465171555591/?notif_id=1587160822453954&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic

Dude! This is brilliant! And it works! Man! Thanks!!!

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cool options … great feed …

for those who look for a great solution also for audio on Mac …

only drawback is its cost … but it works flawless … so maybe for some of us worth the buck … even some of the other apps are interesting … the way farago works …

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Thanks for posting about Loopback - it’s really nice.
In case someone needs a free version, SoundFlower still exists, maybe slightly annoying to setup due to apple’s security restrictions but it still works nice:)

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Hi! You can also check Audio Hijack for a little bit less money (65 dollars better than 100 dollars for loopback).

I am doing some modular routings for my livestreams and it works really great (it has a systemwide audio capture module).

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Just a quick follow up question: Does the Ableton Buffer Size has any effect on the EboSuite like Latency or CPU Load? Asking for a friend :wink:

hi Jacob,
Sorry for the late reply.
There is indeed an interaction:

  • any audio processing will be done in smaller chunks and usually this will cost more cpu cycles
  • all the data processing and formatting that is done in max for live is also tied to the audiobuffersize (the technical limitation behind this is that max in ‘max for live’ is always in ‘scheduler in audio interrupt’ mode), so this will also be more costly for the cpu with smaller buffersizes.

This was all about the ‘cpu load’, but of coarse there is also the ‘latency’. Bigger buffer sizes will decrease your time accuracy and give you a bigger latency by default, but since the visual output happens on a different timescale than the audio (e.g. 25frames/second vs 44100 samples/second) this is not so noticeable.

I hope this helps your friend a bit :wink: