Converting to hap from H264 video


I loaded an 2 minute H264 clip in Ableton session-view slot, warped it to match the drumbeat. Then set in and out points to select a 4 second section of the video.
I then dropped the clip on the eConverter after selecting ‘Crop to clip Start/End’
The video did convert to HAP but the progress bar stays green where it is supposed to show a thumbnail of the created mov. file. There are no warnings or errors reported in the eConvert section on the right of the panel.

Another thing is that when i cropped the H264 clip after warping, setting in and out points and saving, video was lost. The eClips panel shows a yellow sign saying ‘Current clip has no video’

where did it go?

Any clues on these issues are most appreciated.

Hi Nils, I am following your steps, but cannot recreate this issue. Your are located in Amsterdam, right (, Hoi Nils, gezellig :slight_smile: ) ? If you like you can come to our studio and we can look at this together.
Note: when you reverse the video (press Rev. in the sample section of the clip properties) Ableton will create a new, reversed file and replace the video clip with this newly created audio-only file. Then the video will be lost. Groetjes, Jeroen

Hi Nils, just realized: you can also trim the video using the menu when you right-click in the sample display of the clip (see below). Did you do that? When you do that, Ableton will create a new audio file and will replace the video with this newly created audio-only file (just like when reversing a file, see above). The video will be lost then. There are a few ways to crop the video clip without this issue, see here: Cropping start and end points