Can i reverse video to make a seamless loop?


im really new to video so please excuse me if im not using the correct terminology.

i just downloaded ebosuite today. first thing i wanted to do was make a loop where it goes from start point to end point and then reverses back to start point, so i can get a seamless back and forth video loop eg of someone dancing in time with the music. if i press reverse on an eclip in the ebosuite demo, the video seems to disappear. I pressed save on the clip. ive also searched the manual and forum for ‘reverse’.

im assuming im missing something here. can anyone help a newbie?

Hi Clay
EboSuite doesn’t support reverse playback yet.
Implementing reverse playback is not as straight forward as it might seem, so it will take us some time to add that to EboSuite, but we definitely will eventually.
When you reverse a clip in Ableton, Ableton will create a new audio file and replace the original file in the Live Set with this new reversed audio file. This means that EboSuite has to automatically create a new link with this new audio file and sync the video appropriately (reversed, same warping, start, end and loop points). Because this is not happening now, you will hear the new audio file, but you will not see any video.

yep that makes sense. thanks for letting me know. is there a way to achieve what im trying to do eg scrubbing back or something?

Hi Clay
A way to scrub through the video and to reverse video is to automate a videosample’s start point while triggering the sample continuously with short midi notes.

Each trigger will have a different start point and in that way you can ‘draw’ all kinds of cool scrub effects. It is a bit ‘hacky’, but a lot of fun and opens up all kinds of creative possibilities.
In this example I make this car move back and forth:

You can download the project here:

And watch the example video here:

Does that work for you?

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Hi Jeroen

thats really cool. that might even be better because it will be quantised with the music. i will try something out and post it up

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ok so i have spent a few hours on this and tried to have a pendulum loop (back n forth) based on the file you sent, much appreciated :slight_smile:

im learning heaps about ebosuite thanks to your help.

what i am finding is that the video stutters when i try to do what you have done. i even copied your exact region from your file and pasted it into my session. ive tried multiple divisions for the midi notes 16,32,64ths which is what i think you have used.

ive done a quick screen shot to show you what happens. its looks really jittery. i start by showing the eclip looping. then i show that eclip in the esampler. ive tried various envelopes on the clip from what you had (triangle starting at zero and finishing at end of clip) to what i have in the video (flattened triangle). none seem to work as i would expect. my computer also seems to freak out a bit on this. not sure i would attempt it in a performance situation.

what am i doing wrong here?

im actually thinking that it might be easier to achieve what i want by exporting the warped HAP video out to another program and reversing it. then bring it back in to esampler. then i will have a normal video and a reversed video and i can try to match them up to have a pendulum feel. will try this and post it up.

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