Audio plays, but no video (freezes)


Just downloaded Ebosuite Trail. The demo project plays very sluggish. In a new project I put eClip on a audio track and put my own video in the track in session view. The audio runs fine, but there is no video, sometimes it is black sometimes it freezes at the first or the last frame. Can you help me?

I have a MacBook Pro M1.


Nobody has any idea what might be the problem, tested it on 2 systems now, both same problem (1 MacBook Pro M1/BigSur, 1 Imac Catalina)

Hi Francois,

Could you please let us know what codec is the file you are having issues with?

In general, the most common cause of eClips not playing is unsaved warp markers:

and in the case you are using live 11, look here:

Also if you have time, please check out our tutorials and quick tips videos:

best wishes,