Youtube videos for live performance?

another newbie quesiton

im downloading a few youtube vids to use for a live performance. just wondering if anyone else has experience with this? does it look really pixelated if you blow it up for a projection? im trying to just grad 1080 or 720p vids and some 480p. I dont have a projector that i can check it on.

dont want to waste my time chopping up all the vids and then they are not really usable.


1080p and 720p should work fine. 480p can be too pixelated. it also depends on the content. If the video has a lot of graphical elements (lines, text etc.), you’ll need a higher resolution than when using dynamic movie clips (explosions of action scenes for example).

much appreciated. will try to avoid less than 720p

You can also try 960x540. I use that format as well. Works fine in a lot of cases.