Workflow tips for longer .mp4 samples?

Hi gang,

Just wondering about the quickest and most optimal way to go about working with longer .mp4 files in esampler and eclips?

Basically, I want to be able to:

  • Quickly drop in an mp4 that is a few minutes long into Ableton
  • Select the in and out points
  • Drop that new selection into eSampler/eClips
  • Convert to HAP to optimize if I like it.

I’ve tried dragging the mp4 into session view and making edits via Ableton’s native video preview window, then dragging the edited clips into eSampler but then doing the HAP conversion step doesn’t seem to work right. (It converts the entire longer clip.)

I think this was covered somewhere but I can’t remember where (sorry!) Any tips would be appreciated. I’ll make sure to write it down this time I promise!!! haha



This workflow should be possible, did you check the ‘crop to clip/start end’ box and use the ‘convert selected clip’ button (if you drop it I don’t think it detects it is a clip).

Hi Josh

In addition to what Timo just said, I like this workflow to do what you want:

  • drag a long video on Audio Track in Session View and look for scene with cool samples using eClips
  • set clip Start/End for that scene
  • drag into eSampler
  • try out the samples to find out which one really work
  • set sample Start at the beginning of a sample you like
  • go to the File Region Editor and remove the unused parts of the scene. The region’s start/end points are automatically set 2 seconds before and 5 seconds after the sample Start point (you can adjust that). So by default only 7 seconds of the scene will be left.
  • duplicate the eSampler if you want to use more samples from this scene, because the next step can not be undone.
  • click ‘Convert to HAP’ to convert only the sample to HAP. The converted sample will be stored next to the original long video on your drive. The eSampler will automatically load the converted sample while leaving all settings (pitch, speed, ADSR etc.) intact. While the eSampler is converting you can continu working, you dont have to wait for this process to finish!
  • if you want to convert another sample from the scene, go to the duplicated eSampler and press ‘Load Complete File’ in the File Region Editor or drag the clip from Session View again in the eSampler and repeat this process.
    Will that work for you?