Windows support

Any plans to support Windows any time soon? I am very interested in EboSuite, but I am a Windows user :slight_smile:

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Hi Christian, for now we are focussing on the Mac version solely, but we get a lot of requests for Windows support, so we might give that a higher priority in the future.

Any idea on the timeline for that? 1 year? Less? More?

I’m asking because I have the chance to play with EboSuite on a friend’s borrowed Mac for a while. Though I will only do it if there will be a Windows version coming soon


Hi Christian
We didnt plan anything about Windows support yet. It will probably take a while before we get to that, so you shouldnt wait for that. I will send you a message when I know more if you like, but dont expect that to be soon, probably more than a year.

Hello, any news on a windows version?
I’m switching to a windows machine and I won’t be able to use my Ebo license anymore, which is a shame.

Hi Florent, no news yet, but we are looking into it. If you like to be added to the mailinglist, so we can notify you when we know more, please send us an email at

I understand this is not an easy task

  • 1 for Windows 10 support…I was sooooo excited about this product till I saw it is for mac only…you have a sale here in a heartbeat when Windows support is in in the mix-thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Any1particular, thanks! We are planning the Windows version as we speak. Shall I put you on the mailingslist so we can notify you when we know more? Just send an email to and then I will add you to the list. Cheers

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+1 for Windows support! Ebosuite is fabulous software and I am planning a tour soon. Would LOVE to be able to use Ebosuite on my PC Audio Labs laptop (my main rig). It would be a dream!