Win 10 Compatibility ? When?

Hi to all,
Congrats for your product !!!
Just can’t wait trying it with my Ableton 10 on my Windows 10 Laptop…
But any date for the windows 10 version ???
Thanks a lot for your amazinf work !!!
Best regards.


Ableton user here since version one.
Respectfully… what’s so hard about letting EboSuite work in windows at this point?
We have plenty of the same processing power…
If it works on LIVE, then why isn’t it the same for pc?
Obviously I’m a pc user.
Just discovered this software.
Been learning how to use it watching your examples and tutorials until I found the words MAC ONLY.
Doesn’t your company want the other half of live users’ money, praise and word of mouth?!

PLEASE… tell me there actually WILL be windows compatibility in the near future.

Or… PLEASE just verify there’s no hope for this.

I think this is the most fantastic thing to happen to Ableton since it was first released.
Such a shame to deprive half the music community of what you’ve created and consequently, the inspiration that could be brought to the whole planet.
Especially during these troubling times.

I’d appreciate A Definitive response if possible.
I’m in love with the vision of this product and what it does to my favorite DAW.

Please advise…
Thanks in advance.



Hi David, Thank you for your interest in EboSuite. Unfortunately we can’t say anything about the Windows version yet. It is something we are looking at, but we are a small team and it is a big project. EboSuite is not just a set of Max for Live devices, but also a stand-alone OSX application. If you send an email to, I will put you on the mailinglist, so we can notify you when we know more about the Windows version.