When I play eISF from the middle of the Ableton Live 11 project, the screen won't show on time

My computer specifications…

Macbook Pro
intel i9 8Core
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB

I making works using eISF.

I put eISF in each of the six empty audio tracks and process it with eFX, Envelope Fallower, and LFO plugins.

When I play it because I want to check the video from the middle while working on it, I need to adjust the opacity because something is not displayed according to the ISF file.

I wonder if this is simply a problem with the ISF file or whether the plug-in needs to be improved.

And I’m designing to respond to eISF real-time performance, but it’s not easy to optimize.
Please let me know if there is anything I need to check that I don’t know. Thank you.

Hi, I haven’t seen that happen before. You should be able to start the composition anywhere on the timeline. Can you tell me a bit more about your situation? How do you adjust te opacity? Is the volume or the opacity fader set to 0 when you start playing from the middle? Does it happen on all tracks at the same time? Can you send me the project with the ISF shaders to contact@ebosuite.com so I can have a look?