Warping Multiple Versions Of Clip

At the moment I have a relatively long ~3 minute clip and I’m cutting smaller loops out of it to play in an eclip on a track.
I’m duplicating the clip onto separate tracks.
Thing is I want to warp each clip differently but I think if the clip is duplicated there is only one .asd file for it.
Effectively I want multiple .asd files.
If I crop the sample then it no longer has a video file attached to it and I’d rather not crop it anyway at this stage.
Is there anyway around rendering the video in arrangement mode and making a separate clip?
I don’t mind doing this eventually but I’d like to leave it as long as possible whilst cutting stuff up.


Unfortunately you can use only one set of warp markers per audio file currently. Ableton doesnt give us direct access to the warp markers so we have to use a work around to get that information and that comes with this limitation. The best thing is to make different copies of your file that have their own .asd file as you suggested.

I tried to create a “Slice to New Midi Track” preset with a esampler in a Drumrack but it didn’t work … :wink: the preset changes the eSampler into a Simpler when it makes the conversion. (same with a Instument Rack+ eSampler)

If this feature would be possible … man this would open a can of worms for Ebosuite :wink:

Hope Ableton releases this or anyone who could integrate max for live devices into Slice to new midi track … with video.

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Hi Franky,
That would be great. We will look into that!

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