VR sphere + Mapping inside the sphere

HI! I had an idea of a new device for ebosuite.

I am currently making 360 videos for a company and using adobe premiere to edit the files. It is not quiet easy to make 360 content if you don’t have a proper 360 video camera or make 3d visuals inside a 3d progam. That’s why it could be awesome to be able to use a module inside ableton to create 360 content live.

Could it be possible to make an ebodevice in which there is a sphere screen and map alpha images on a black background ( or even put a 360 image as background to animate visuals on top )? and maybe have some settings to transform and modify the image to get a little planet kind of video (all in real time)? It could be cool to be able to record the image as a rectangle with syphon recorder and edit the file inside premiere afterwards, but in ableton, still see the sphere like view to correct and warp correctly the images.

Here is an exemple of what I am talking about:

  1. Video or visuals in the sphere. (inside ableton)

  2. Video recorded with Syphon recorder (

  3. Going crazy with eTransform in VR (inside ableton)

Can’t wait for the new update 1.4. Cheers!

I think that the ePoly device could be a perfect fit for this 360 device idea too!

Hi Owae.ga, thank you for these ideas! We did a few 360° experiments ourselves with EboSuite, I’ll show those experiments sometime. We are now focussed on other things, but I will add your request to the feature request list. Cheers!

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