VLCsyphon and Syphon Recorder (with HAP codec)

Hi! I just wanted to share a really cool workflow to get Hap videos to render quickly with the new version of Syphon Recorder app (v.18). http://syphon.v002.info/recorder/

You can now record directly in HAP format (and apple lossless audio) using the Syphon Recorder app, so it is really easy to use an app that sends syphon like VLCSyphon as playback app for the videos that you want to convert ( https://github.com/rsodre/VLCSyphon/releases ) and record your bits of video without waiting for it to convert. This allows you to get a more natural way of cutting your video samples and in real time ( sampling video is becoming a real thing haha)

You can use soundflower with an aggregate audio output module on your Mac to record the sound and the video at the same time, too. Check out this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-5qxNeMl7E

I hope this gives new ideas to the forum! Have a great Sunday granulating and slicing videos (and adding ISF filters and blend modes on top of everything!) Cheers!

ps: If the VLCsyphon app doesn’t work on your system, you ll have to give it some access in the security and privacy parameters of your Mac :slight_smile:

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As a bonus, Here is another cool app too (for 10 $) that you can also use to record video in HAP codec, quickly.


Great, thanks for sharing!

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Genial,Muchisimas gracias!!!

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