Visual "sampler"

Hey guys

Still using it. Still loving it. Haven’t done a live set with it yet but seriously considering it for the next gig!

Just had a thought and figured I’d pass it on in case it’s possible.

It would be cool and extremely useful to have a module that can pull a webcam source. Possibly even record it?

Example: Crowd is instructed to do something, it’s recorded through the webcam, and inserted into the set. Not sure how much power would be needed to do that, but that’s why you guys make the buttons and I press them. lol


Something similar to a looper but with video? I feel as if this one would be easier. Maybe the device records using HAP (if that’s possible) and immediately throws the clip into a track that has the player module on it? Again, I’ll leave the coding to you guys. :slight_smile:

Hi Willie,
We are happy that you are enjoying EboSuite. We love to see how you are going to use it live.

It would be great to add live sampling to EboSuite. We are now adding other features like visual effects and granular playback, but live sampling is something we love to add as well.
We have a lot of experience with these concepts, see for example:


Love it!!!

Hi there! I was wondering whether there was any update to this? I would like to record a video clip just like one would record an audio clip in the session view of Ableton, then immediately loop it, much like one can do with Ableton.

Is this feature still on your roadmap? If so, is it far off? If not, is there some kind of workaround you can suggest? This seems like such awesome and powerful software, and that on the fly real time video recording into clips (like audio) seem like (to me at least) one of the most useful applications.

Thx so much, I look forward to digging in!

HI Kendall,

This is indeed on our roadmap. We are currently working to add live camera streams and at a later we point we will add recording functionality.