Videos not converting

Hi, folks-

On Ableton Live 10 and High Sierra; eConvert (or eSampler) will not convert videos to HAP. When you drop a video in, the progress bar goes white/grey with a Cancel option below, but never goes beyond that. Working with MP4 and I’ve ensured that a video source is active, no errors. Video lengths range from :05 long to 3:00, no success. Please assist, thank you!

PS- How do you set the ‘out’ length for a video in eSampler, etc.? Clicking sets the ‘in’ but out is a little elusive.

Hi soundmural,

sorry to hear about your problem.
Let’s find out what is going on:

  • does the file convert correctly with AFV Batch Convertor?
  • if you rightclick on the eConvert title bar and select ‘show max window’ is there more information printed?
  • can you send me a file that doesn’t work? (via PM or to

The out length can be set in various ways:

  • you can trim a part of a clip before you drop it into the eSampler. Only the part between start and end-marker will be loaded
  • you can use the fileregioneditor to increase or decrease the part that is loaded (see manual for explanation)
  • if oneshot is on you can set the length
  • of course in normal playback mode a note determines the length as well

Hi Timo-

It spontaneously started working! Maybe it just needed a reboot; I see that Max window shows “crop not found” but otherwise it seems to be converting nicely now. Thank you!

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