Videos get swapped (Audio A plays while Video B plays, and Video A plays while Audio B plays) + Video Freezing

HELP! I have a big festival gig tomorrow night and my trusted setup is no longer trusted now that Ebosuite is randomly deciding to start playing the wrong video / or freeze. Please watch this screen recording. Any help would be a life saver!

Hi hat, sorry to hear that! Could you send us an email at Then we can help you in more detail and we can plan a video chat if necessary. I am available to help now and tomorrow too if needed. This Set used to work? How many videos are you using in the Set? Could you send a screenshot of the Max Window (to open the Max window, right-click on the title bar of an EboSuite plug-in and select ‘Open Max Window’)? What video codec are you using?

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To anybody reading this: this issue was solved (in time for the show, so that was a success fortunately!). The problem was caused by the amount of videos used in the Set. Hatim used 558 clips in his set and that was too much for the system to handle. Reducing the amount of videos made the issues disappear. Note that the total number of videoclips matter, not the number of unique videos. The absolute maximum total number of videos (thus meaning clips) is 512, but the actual limit is determined by your hardware and the complexity of the Live Set (automation, other clips running, size of videos, other (3rd party) instruments/plug-ins etc.).