Videos are rotated and upside down

Hey there!

When I add a new video recorded from my iPhone to eSimpler it tends to show the video flipped or rotated in different directions.

For videos recorded vertically, it flips the video on its side. For videos recorded horizontally, it seems to sometimes flip them upside down.

Is there something I can do to avoid this? It might be something I need to do before adding them to eSimpler. When I preview the videos from Finder on Mac they are all rotated/displaying correctly, but once inside eSimpler they are rotated and flipped.

Thanks for your help!

hi goldenagee, thanks for the report. I think the issue is related to the fact that iPhone recordings don’t actually rotate the video, but they add extra metadata to tell the playback app how it should be rotated/mirrored. Apparently something goes wrong there in our app.
(Btw, as an intermediate solution you can rotate/flip the output with an eTrackTransform on a track.)

Let’s find out what the actual situation is when this happens:

  1. Do you have the issues when you use the video’s directly?
  2. Do you have the issues after converting the video’s to hap first? (and does it matter if you use eConvert or AVF Batch convertor to do this?)