Video window does not open

I used the free trial with great success but it ran out and I paid for it and now the window will not open. I made a video to show you exactly what I did.

Hello @scottjkruse,

sorry to hear about the issues you ran into, and thanks for the video. Weird!

It might be an issue with Catalina that we haven’t seen before, and it would be great if you can help us find what is causing it.

Could you please right-click on the eClips device title bar and choose “Open Max Window”.
It would be great if you can send us the contents of that window(screenshots are fine).


I don’t know why it is working now, but it is. I am glad I made a video yesterday so you knew I was not crazy. I am posting a screenshot because I am afraid this could happen when I am performing. Does anything look out of order?

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Hi Scott,

glad to hear it’s working now!

Thanks for the screenshot, unfortunately I can’t see anything out of order.

Please let us know if you encounter that issue again, although I hope you don’t:)


I had a similar problem while Ableton was updating itself. Max wasn’t working properly but Ableton doesn’t notify us when it is updating automatically, so that could cause Max to not work properly. I just closed and open Live again and all was working as intended.

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