Video switcher / esyphon in out/ multiple cam

i want to test this out but figured i give a shout on the forum as i can’t test it at the moment.

i have two usb mini cameras. can i use ebo/ableton to stream them both and use ableton / ebo as a video switcher and record the output to esyphon?

vid cam 1&2 - - - - - into comp - - - esyphonIN 1&2 - - - mix via ebo/ableton - - - esyphonOUT

thanks all !

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If you can get those cameras to work in QuickTime, then they should also work in EboSuite, and the setup you suggested should work fine:)

Good luck and have fun!


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hey !

thanks for the info.
i may give this a -go tomorrow

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Update i got this working like a charm :partying_face: