Video stops working / recall problems / video not triggering

I’m having problems with the video stopping working when I make small changes in my session. I can get everything working fine, but much of the time if I add a new track, delete a track, or add a new plug-in, video stops showing up in my EboSuite video window. The audio keeps working.

Here’s a screencapture to show what I mean. This is the Esamplers demo session that comes with EboSuite. It works fine, but if I delete the first track (which seems to have no instruments/effects), the video stops working.

And some EboSuite plugin parameters don’t recall correctly. For example, on eCrossfade, I have it set to Chroma mode, and the swatch color set to black. When I save and get the session back up, the swatch color resets to the center of the color field.

Also- I find that most of my videos trigger about 98% of the time. Every once in a while, I get no response, and it seems to happen at random.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Ableton Live Suite 10.0.5 / EboSuite 1.32 / MacOS 10.13.6

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To me also happens that if change a esampler or the sample in a drumrack, for example, the video stop but audio goes on.
I need to restart Ableton and EboSuite to have working

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HI comp12,

Sorry to hear about your issues.
Thanks for reaching out and for the clear video demonstrating the first issue.

  1. I can reproduce the issue and I know this did work fine in a previous version. It must be due to a mistake I made that we didn’t catch before releasing it. I will dive into it right now.

  2. Indeed the eCrossfade chroma state is not remembered properly, this will be fixed in the upcoming release. Let me know if there are other parameters that you come across that do not behave as expected.

  3. In what circumstances can EboSuite miss a trigger? Let me know if you have a reproducible case so that I can take a look to find out what happens.
    I just noticed some odd response on mouse movement when the EboSuite window is active, is that what you experience?

Can you explain me what you mean exactly with ‘change a esampler or te sample in a drumrack’? Do you mean that the audio keeps playing when you drop in a new sample? And that you need to quite Ableton to fix this?


comp12, I think I have fixed the first 2 issues that you reported. If you’d like I can send you the updated the devices to try them out, of course they will also be tested here and included in the next version.

I am still puzzling what the circumstances are when #3 happens

Appreciate the fast support, Timo! Yes, would love the updated devices if possible.

As far as #3 - it was happening on a complicated session with multiple layers of video. I’m trying to replicate it, and everything seems to be working ok. Will keep trying, but if I can’t make it happen, it could have been on my end.

Hi comp12, we just released an update to fix these issues. You’ll find the changelog and the installer here: EboSuite 1.33 (release date 2019-01-16