Video sampling in real time from a video stream

Hi everybody,
Do you think it’s (or it’ll be) possible to record in real-time from a video stream and use the recorded video as a sample, treating it with, for example, the eloopstutter?
In other words, have an instrument similar to the looper in ableton, that allows you to “keep” a selected portion of a stream (an audio stream in that case) and work on it?

Many thanks!

hey hey,

**keep in mind you can do this with esyphon out and record your stream
video stream - - esyphon in - - stutter - - esyphon out

as far as native inside ableton not sure if 11 will let us do this
but im sure ebo have this in there brain and either way i think its quite possible to be native in the future.

exciting stuff.
last note on bottom:

*Video import/export Updated for Live 11

  • Import video as a clip and save modified video and audio.

Hi Maxmagaldi, sorry for the late reply. Currently it is not possible to record a video stream in real time and use these samples directly with eClips or in the eSampler. It is a great feature to add, so it is high on our list.