Video rights/Copyright for live performances and music videos

Hey all!
I have a question regarding using videos on a projector for live performances and on Youtube(as a music video to a tune of mine for example).

I’ve been messing around with Ebo Suite, mostly using FX over the video from my laptop camera but I soon might need to use some “pre-prepared” video footage.
I am having a hard time understanding if there’s any copyright laws against using for example Youtube videos on a projector for a live performance or as a music video for a tune.

Like with music it’s very black or white but with videos, other than ripping movie scenes most likely not being ok, I am not sure where the line is.

Obviously if I made all the video content myself I wouldn’t run into trouble, but there are some projects I have which would work well with scenes from 1930’s black and white movies and old documentaries, things like that which would be really hard and time consuming to recreate.

Thanks in advance!

Hi nkeman, I have used a lot of copyrighted material for performances and YouTube videos. I never ran into trouble. Videos tend to be demonitized and blocked in certain areas (but not the most interesting areas), so if you want to make money that is an issue. I think for live performances there is no issue at all as long the performance is not broadcasted, especially when you use the copyrighted content in a creative way and really make it your own by distorting and manipulating it.