Video playback for a band

Hello - I’m very new to EboSuite but already can’t stop thinking about its potential. My first project with it, and why I’m posting, is to have graphics attached to my bands live backing tracks … honestly EboSuite is way over qualified as most of the responsibility is just playing the video back. no fx or trickery. the graphics are already edited and done. I’m basically just here to ask for advice on using it like a video playback only … hour long set … 5 minute clips … a couple songs will have some edits and layering …
-just convert each section to its own HAP converted clip?
-eArrangement is preferred for easy editing and timing of clips. Is there anything I need to make sure I do?
-Stability is obviously important … can Ebosuite handle an hours worth of clips in one session - I guess that is the main question?

thanks for any tips or thoughts …

Sam f.

Hi Sam,
EboSuite is great for video playback for a band and is used by many bands already. If you like we could plan a video call and discuss your questions. If you would like to plan a video chat please send an email to