Video not showing up

I have tried to import a video but nothing shows up in the Ebosuite video window.
I did it all correct I think…opened aClip in an Audio track,converted the video with eConvert and put the convertet video in a slot of the track and opened the eOptput plugin in the Master track…but when I press play no video shows up.
Another question : is it normal that a 29 Mb video becomes between 1 and 2.5 Gb after being converted?I noticed that everytime I attempt to convert I get a different file dimension as result…
Thanks for your help in advance


Hi Enrico,

sorry to hear about your issue. Let’s find out what is going on

  • Is the resulting clip warped/looping? in that case you need to save the .asd first by pressing save in the Clip View
  • Is there an error printed in the eClips interface?
  • can you send me an example file that doesn’t work for you? (e.g. via wetransfer to
  • does the demo set work for you?


HI TImo,
first of all thanks for your support…:slight_smile:
It seems that the problem was that I didn’t authorize Ableton Live to use the Macbook Pro microphone…weird but now everything seems to work properly …
Have a great day ! :slight_smile:


Enrico Cremonesi

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