Video is black - Ableton


I recently purchased ebosuite and tested the videos before my gig. They worked before my gig, but the screen came up black at the show. I converted all of my videos to HAP-Q, loaded them into an audio track in Ableton and added eClip to the track. I tried reloading the videos and it is still coming up as a black screen. Any help fixing this would be amazing!



Hi Dani, Im sorry to hear that you had problems during your show. I just replied to your email. Let’s figure out what happened! Cheers.

same problem. the eclips plugin says in errors window “eclips can only be used on audio tracks”

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hi Beardicorn
Are you using an eClips plug-in on a MIDI track? eClips works only for clips on audio tracks in Session View. You should use the eSampler/eSimpler to play videos on MIDI tracks.