Video input ps3 eye

cannot find ps3 eye webcam as video input. maCam qt plugin. all the other vj programs see it. maybe reset/erase preferences or something like that? thank you…

Hi Abanze, resetting/erasing preferences is not an option. Does it show up when you use Quicktime player to make a Movie Recording?

yes, no problem works fine

i mean, ps3 works fine with quicktime 7 record

not with qt 10. it has no option to choose the source, and still searching for EPOcCam software for mirror smartphone, but i never got to work and strangly also never got to erase completely…

You should be able to select the source when you click on the small triangle next to the record button (see below). Is the camera visible there?

ya of cause, but not available

strange, it works fine in qt7. in qt 10 i only can select the microphone of the ps3 camera. i could run it through syphoner… but … my focus is AUDIO live microphone effects and looper etc. i guess more software more audio latency?

looking around i understand: there is no driver for ps3 eye for avfoundation…

Hi Abanze, yes, when it is not supported by QT10 then it is probably not supported by AVFoundation. It will not work in EboSuite either then.