Video doesn't play

I’m pretty fresh to Live but I have the basics down pretty well. At the moment I’m not having any luck playing anything at all! I have recorded a couple of videos with my iPhone and also have a time lapse from a GoPro that I’m messing around with. I dropped them into the econvert module and used the resulting file in both eclip and esampler with no luck. when I trigger the clip, it shows the first frame, frozen. If there’s audio on the clip the audio plays properly, and warping works properly on the audio as well. but I cannot get any videos to play back. I’m on a Mac mini m1 with 16gb RAM. I’ve tried accessing the files storing them on the SSD on the Mac and also on my external SSD and neither one works. Is there a certain type of file I need to start with in order to end up with a playable HAP file?

Hi Durdee, sorry for the late reply. Can you try the latest version of EboSuite (1.8, which adds the eArrangement plug-in and improved warping). Maybe this update solves your issues. If not, please send us an email at More users are experiencing issues with M1 Macs, we are looking into that now, so your experiences are very interesting for us.

hi Durdee, we just released EboSuite 1.81. This update adds full compatibility with the M1 chip. Do you still have these issues with this update?

Download the installer here: