Video can only be displayed by clips in the Arrangement View

hi, when i put a video into a audiotrach with a eClips and the outputmodul at the masterbus i get the Ableton-Live-window “Video can only be displayed by clips in the Arrangement View …” and the video stays black. the strange thing is this is a new bug, when i load an older project the videos are playing well but it is not possible to bring in a new video, when i bring a new video into the older playing project it makes the same shit. when i put my video into a eSampler it plays well!
some good ideas?

Hi Rupert,
sorry for the long delay in answering.

The message you see is not a bug, but a standard message from Ableton, EboSuite actually makes it possible to use video in Session View.
You can just close it (and tick the ‘don’t show again’ box). Now it should work. Let me know if there is still an issue after this.

If the message is in another language you might need to restart Ableton after this (we have a fix that you can continue directly but that only works if Ableton is in English).
That you see the message now might be because of a recent update of your Ableton version.