"Version mismatch. Please Reinstal"

Hey guys
I’ve run into this a couple of times. Tried to use syphon to send out to madmapper & resolume and got"Version mismatch. Please Reinstal".

I didn’t reinstall then for fear that it would mess up saved chops I have done. Now with the update (excited to try btw), I’m getting the same message when trying to add eFX modules to previously saved sessions. There’s a way that I can resolve this without re-chopping these videos and building a new drum rack right? Please someone say yes. :pray:t5:

Also, I used Ebosuite outside of my studio for the first time last week! It was for a sampling lecture at a library so not quite a full blown “set” but, other than the issue above, it was pretty solid. :slight_smile:

Hoping I can get this resolved because I’d like to start building a set and my fear is that I’ll run into version compatibility issues (if that’s what this is?).

If you run the new installer, it should replace all the files in the EboSuite folder in the User Library automatically. All your older projects should playback the same, so you dont have to re-chop your videos. You shouldn’t run into version compatibility issues.

About your ‘version mismatch’: Did you save these projects using ‘Collect All and Save?’. Try emptying the trash to make sure OSX isnt reading old files from the trash. Do you have older copies of the EboSuite folder on your drive or in the User Library? Delete them as well. If you want to keep an EboSuite folder as back-up then store it as a .zip file to avoid confusion. Also double check if the User Library containing the EboSuite folder is selected in the Ableton preferences.

Also check if the EboSuite devices (plug-ins) that are loaded in your project are located in the EboSuite folder in the User Library. Follow these steps to check that:

  1. Open the File Manager from Ableton’s View menu
  2. Select ‘Manage Set’ from the File Management menu
  3. Select ‘View Files’ from the next menu, ‘Current Live Set’
  4. Look for the EboSuite devices in the files list and check if they are in the User Library or ‘External’.
  5. Position the mouse pointer on the EboSuite devices and check the file path of the User Library. Is it the same location as selected in the preferences?

If the device location is ‘External’, drag the device from the EboSuite folder in the User Library on top of the device in the File Manager. This will replace the device in your entire Live set.

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Okay thanks! Will follow steps as soon as I can and report back.