Using ProRes Decoders on Apple Silicon

Hi. I’m in the process of investing in a new laptop, and wanted to know if EboSuite 2 supports using the new hardware ProRes Decoders/Encoders on the Apple M1 Pro etc?

As far as I know it’s part of the VideoToolBox API / AVFoundation, but I’m not sure if it’s something that has to be specifically catered for by developers. Does anybody know if this is the case? I’d imagine this could be a great alternative to HAP etc.

hi @jiiiitro .
Good question. From what I could find this is handled automatically by apple’s frameworks if compiled with the latest sdk’s (which we use). I couldn’t find any other thing on our side to enable this. I am also curious how this will compare to HAP.

related: in the past ProRes encoding came only with certain paid Apple products, but we found out that new clean macs already had ProRes codecs installed by default.


Thanks for your response. Very interesting. I don’t suppose you will have access to an M1 Pro or Max machine at some point to try this?

Apologies to piggy back on my own thread, but in a semi-related area, might you also consider/do you support the Hap R codec variant?

Hi Jiiiitro, I did some tests and I didn’t notice a difference in playback performance between ProRes422 and Hap when I am playing 30 full HD (1920x1080) videos simultaneously. Both codecs work well in this case. I haven’t looked at Hap R for a while, because encoding used to be very slow. I will discuss this with the team.

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