Using analog audio to manipulate live video

Hi all, I would like to set up a microphone to manipulate the videooutput. e.g. the height of the tone has to change the granularity or to manipulate the ISF. How do I make that work?

Hi LfrQx,
You can use Live’s Envelope Follower to analyse the incoming audio signal and control any parameter in Live. Put a filter or EQ in front of the Envelope Follower to remove frequencies or focus on a specific frequency in the spectrum. On internet you might find some more advanced audio analysers (maybe a Max for Live device for pitch analysis for example).

Many thanks Jeroen! Works like a charm

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one issue I’ve run into with the envelope follower is it seems to break when I re-open from a saved project. I have to remove the routings and add them again. It seems to happen only with envelope followers on EboSuite devices. Any idea why this might be?

Hi itsmeelan, I can’t reproduce this issue. It seems to work fine on our set-ups. What version of Live and EboSuite are you using?